The Morrow Secrets is Compared to Tolkien’s Middle Earth

July 14th, 2014
by Susan


Winderling Spires       5 Stars! A Great Story!13 July 2014 on Amazon UK

Tallitha Mouldson dreams of escaping her domineering Great Aunt and the confines of the east wing of Winderling Spires, a huge sprawling house in a land called Wycham Elva. She longs to explore the rest of the weird old house and uncover its secrets.

Then circumstances give her the chance to not only explore the house, but to go on a quest through dark mysterious places that will test her resolve to its limits.
Cave I loved reading this story, loved Winderling Spires and its cast of dark characters.I also enjoyed the journey to the even darker Hellstone Tors. The plot is good, the characters are great. The world that Susan Mcnally has created is comparable to Tolkiens Middle Earth in its depth and imagination. In fact this could well be Susan Mcnally’s ‘Hobbit’ that I can see leading on to much larger works. Five stars for this book, I do feel the story could have been longer, but that may be because I enjoyed it so much. Also I am not sure about the title, When thinking back to this story I think of Winderling Spires and If I had written it that would have been the title.

You will not want to put this book down and you will not want it to end.

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