The Dark Spell is upon us! Book 3 in The Morrow Secrets Trilogy

June 27th, 2015
by Susan

NEW DARK SPELL COVER reduced is upon us…and The Morrow Secrets Trilogy is complete

In a sinister world where darkness prevails, Tallitha Mouldson is determined to unravel the secrets behind her family’s mysterious past. Swept up in a breathtaking adventure into the evil depths of Hellstone Tors, Tallitha embarks on her final quest to destroy the Dark Spell and vanquish the sinister Morrow Swarm.
Surrender your imagination to this whirlwind of magic and the macabre. A Gothic fairy tale of witchcraft and the paranormal, The Dark Spell is the final chapter in Susan McNally’s epic trilogy, The Morrow Secrets.

Step into this eerie fairy tale, steeped in magic and the supernatural and surrender your imagination to a whirlwind of fantastical intrigue and dangerous betrayal. A Gothic fairy tale of epic proportions, The Morrow Secrets trilogy will bewitch, entrance and inspire.

  The final instalment in the trilogy is here:

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