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Supernatural Influences on The Morrow Secrets

May 11th, 2014

The Graveyard at Winderling SpiresGhoulish things that go bump in the night and all things weird have influenced my writing from an early age. Ghost stories, Hammer House of Horror, Supernatural Tales and curiosities associated with death and dying have influenced my sense of the macabre.

One amazing place for inspiration is Highgate Cemetery in North London where the Victorians celebrated the cult around mourning, death and dying. The cemetery, one of seven that ring London, is a Gothic paradise with huge Gothic Mausolea, fantastic headstones and grotesque  catacombs to the dead. Satanists and Dracula fans have used the cemetery in the past for midnight services. It is extremely overgrown with only certain pathways open to walking tours where the ‘friends’ of Highgate cemetery, well versed in death rituals and the Victorian period talk the visitor through the history of some of the famous and infamous inhabitants of the graveyard.

Three out of every twenty babies died before their first birthday in the Victorian era. Given this high mortality rate in the mid to late 19th century, many middle class women spent much of their adulthood in mourning. The death of close family members required a Victorian woman to spend a year and a day in deep mourning, wearing rough dresses and bonnets that chaffed their skin, known as ‘widow’s weeds’ – and upwards of two years in black.

 The often grotesque Gothic architecture, inscriptions on the tombs and haunting atmosphere is perfect for any horror or fantasy lover.


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Ghostly Paranormal Experiences – Influences On My Writing

August 15th, 2012

As a young girl, not only did I adore the Addams Family (, Bewitched ( and the Munsters ( but as a teenager I got into the Hammer Dracula movies (  in a big way – going to see the double bills at my local cinema on a Sunday Night! Fright Night!

Did this obsession come first or was I predisposed to the cult of the macarbre and the Gothic? I have already written about my aunt who went into a trance and foretold my birth but my mother would always cross a travelling woman’s hand with silver and take the clump of heather from her. Looking back she was superstitious about many things… black cats, not walking under ladders and repeating a rhyme on the first of every month… just for luck.

The Strange Esmerelda

Then as a teenager I had some weird experiences of my own. Once I was levitated by my friends… it didn’t happen to anyone else, only me. In the summer holidays, when I was 14 or 15 we started to play with a home made Ouija board… the results grew more ominous day by day until the outcomes were so terrifying… summoning black magic, voodoo spiritual curses appearing and discovering long dead spirits that we ran from the house…. Later I heard a ghost, dropping metal implements at my boyfriend’s house when everyone was out. His mother confirmed that there were spirits abroad, they were unhappy that the family was leaving the farm after six or seven generations….

So that’s probably the reason I am drawn to the mysterious, the Gothic, and books with sinister twists and turns… a haunted house always adds to the plot line as far as I’m concerned!


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