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5 Star Reviews for The Morrow Secrets YA Gothic Fantasy, Book 2 The Shadow of The Swarm

June 13th, 2014
The Shadow of the Swarm

The Shadow of the Swarm

5 Stars! Another cracking story from Susan, 13th June 2014

I loved the first book and couldn’t wait for this one, I was not disappointed. It is just as intriguing, sinister and riveting as it’s predecessor. The characters are excellent. I like the way Tallitha is plucky but can also feel nervous…it’s much more real than a hero who is all gung-ho and brave. The shroves repulse me….can’t imagine why anyone would have them in the same house…I can smell them from the description….yuck! It is well written and holds ones interest all the time.

As with the prequel Susan leaves us with a cliff hanger of an ending…now we have a year to wait for the final book….that is my only criticism!


The Cat, Slynose in Pursuit5 Stars A brilliant sequel!,

This is the second of Susan McNally’s Morrow Secrets books – the first one came out last year – and it’s just as good as the first one. It’s centred around the same main character and she’s joined not only by lots of the other characters from the first book but by new ones too. They’re all brought brilliantly to life and have more fantastic adventures. I don’t want to give anything anyway but there are some new locations which are unlike anything I’ve encountered before – spooky gothic indeed. Read it!

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A Dark Gothic Adventure Trilogy Full of Secrets, Betrayal and Magic

August 27th, 2012

‘The Morrow Secrets’ is a high-fantasy gothic adventure story which delves into the world of mystery, magic and make-believe. It is the first book in a trilogy about the ever curious Tallitha Mouldson, a girl caught up in the sinister web of her eccentric family, the powerful Morrow dynasty.

This Gothic trilogy is set in an alternative world, in a strange rambling house, with hidden rooms and winding staircases, called Winderling Spires.

The Old Dark House of Secrets at Winderling SpiresWinderling Spires.

‘The Morrow Secrets’ is an epic tale of dark secrets, with an intriguing mystery to be solved, an exciting yarn of deception, frightening twists and wicked turns. The story is full of whimsical characters, some eccentric, others forged with wicked intent lurking around every corner… watching Tallitha’s every move and luring her further into the web of secrets.

It is an adventure about the heroine’s fight against the evil forces that have shaped the past and surround her present. Tallitha is determined to unearth the family secret and so begins her breath-taking adventure, exploring the secrets of Winderling Spires and discovering tantalising clues which lead her ever further into the heart of the wicked plot.

With the help of her eccentric cousin, Esmerelda she escapes the clutches of her suffocating family and makes her way across Wycham Elva to the hostile land of Breedoor. Accompanied by her brother and cousins she learns more about the Morrow family history, makes new allegiances, endures terrifying challenges and encounters the strange creatures of the underground kingdom. Eventually, after many breath-taking adventures in the dark forest and the sinister caves, she reaches the forbidding castle of Hellstone Tors in the bewitching land of Breedoor and at last the dark family secrets are laid bare…

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Ten Rules for Writing Fiction!

August 1st, 2012

I had a gap between finishing The Morrow Secrets and starting the second book in my trilogy… about a week! Then I got caught up in my website, how to do a blog, self -publishing and all the other things you have to do by yourself to be an indie-writer! I didn’t know there was so much stuff to do apart from write my books. Now of course I know differently and try to divide my time between actually writing book two in the series and publicising book one… and that’s hard.

So now book two is underway, which tips would I like to remind myself of? Here are some of my favourite ones.

* Sometimes you have to kill off your favourite children… that means at times you may have to write a character out of the story because he/she doesn’t work anymore.

* Don’t give up writing, even when you’ve had a bad day just keep going and it will come right… write more, not less!

* Read books all the time in your genre and outside of it. Observe what writers do – how they write dialogue; build tension and create great characters that leap off the page

* Good dialogue flows from knowing your characters inside out, how they will react in any situation. You don’t really know them until they begin to inhabit your head space !

* Continuity is key. You don’t have to remember every one of your character’s idiosyncracies … keep note cards on each character, different themes, any activity that is repeated ( for me it was Tallitha’s trances) and key events that you refer to in the plot.

* This is a good one. Take no notice of the criticism people you don’t respect. But take notice of the criticism from people you do respect. Have a thick skin, you’ll need it.

* Defend your work. You know best how it was meant to be. It’s your story, your characters, just love them! That’s why self publishing is so good – no one can tell you to change a character’s name.

* Most importantly – write the book you want to read. If you don’t love the story, no one else will.

* Writing is never a quick win. It takes a lot of time and patience. If patience doesn’t come easily …try and acquire some.

* Characters will grow and evolve as you write the book.. be prepared to change them!

Most of all, enjoy yourself! When the writing really flows being an author is the best ever.. it transports you to a magical world all of your own creation. Treasure it…


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