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Gothic Fiction

July 15th, 2012

I love all things Gothic and this has been one of my main inspirations for the book.

My dreams are often of exploring large rambling houses, like Winderling Spires,

Esmerelda in the Seance Room

finding unknown staircases leading to hidden floors and secret rooms….

When I was small my favourite TV shows were The Addams Family, The Munsters and Bewitched. I adored the fanatstic, kooky characters with peculiar charactersistics, particularly Gomez, Morticia and their strange children. I read Dracula as a student and was terrified, barricading my room at night in case the Count discovered where I lived..
Winderling Spires is a fantastic, exaggerated take on all the gothic houses I have dreampt of living in. The characters are a reflection of the weird house with their bizarre idiosyncrasies and unusual names, coming from a dynasty steeped in secrecy, betrayal and sinister powers.

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Self Publishing Tips

June 18th, 2012

After many hours, glitches, taking the book down and starting again, my book is loaded on Amazon!

To other budding authors – Do not under estimate the work involved to get to this place – the rewrites,

Ruker, the Skink in Hanging Tree Islands

the editing, getting the format ready to upload onto the Amazon site.

But at last I can see The Morrow Secrets on my kindle…. all my words, my story, the characters and Luke’s great illustrations…. and that’s what I aimed for, now I just want people to enjoy reading it and to blog me!!

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Self Publishing Tips

June 13th, 2012

Self publishing is so much work… and don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t! Almost as much as writing the book!

Tallitha & Benedict in the Mausoleum

I have learned a lot! I thought I was ready to publish The Morrow Secrets about two weeks ago but there were so many things to sort out.. indentation, getting the illustrations aligned, sorting chapters, getting the text to look right on the kindle….But I’m nearly there and hope to press the button next week! Then what will happen? Who knows but it’s been the best fun writing this story and at least my book will be out there. Traditional publishing takes too long and the editors want you to make changes to suit their market… which I wasn’t prepared to do….at least this is the story I wanted to write and hopefully people will want to read!


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