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Gothic Fantasy The Morrow Secrets! Download for Free On Kindle!

October 30th, 2013

2 Days Left! FREE Gothic fantasy novel! To celebrate Halloween we will be giving away the Kindle edition of The Morrow Secrets by Susan McNally on UK and USA Amazon all week. This is the first spooky gothic novel in a new trilogy! Perfect for the scary season. With 12 5* Amazon reviews!

Head over to the page from today and just download your copy.

The Black Hound in Ragging Brows Forest

The Black Hound in Ragging Brows Forest



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Secret Rooms & Hidden Floors in the Gothic House of Winderling Spires

August 9th, 2012

 Tallitha’s story is a gothic fantasy adventure of clandestine exploration in the mysterious house of Winderling Spires, full of secret rooms and hidden floors. The rambling house is a complex interwoven web of staircases leading to abandoned wings and towers.

Will she be able to unearth the secrets as the ghostly spectres bear down on her from the Morrow past?

The house of secrets at Winderling Spires

 It is a house of many secrets to be discovered.

 Inhabited by strange exotic characters.

 Then the journey begins…..

 During my research into the gothic stately homes in England, I came across Highclere Castle

Amazing floor plans of the most enormous houses. I have always been fascinated by labyrinthine, complex

dwellings where rooms have been shut

up for years… with family legends and ghostly stories. The Morrow Secrets, is just such a tale…

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