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The Morrow Secrets is Compared to Tolkien’s Middle Earth

July 14th, 2014


Winderling Spires       5 Stars! A Great Story!13 July 2014 on Amazon UK

Tallitha Mouldson dreams of escaping her domineering Great Aunt and the confines of the east wing of Winderling Spires, a huge sprawling house in a land called Wycham Elva. She longs to explore the rest of the weird old house and uncover its secrets.

Then circumstances give her the chance to not only explore the house, but to go on a quest through dark mysterious places that will test her resolve to its limits.
Cave I loved reading this story, loved Winderling Spires and its cast of dark characters.I also enjoyed the journey to the even darker Hellstone Tors. The plot is good, the characters are great. The world that Susan Mcnally has created is comparable to Tolkiens Middle Earth in its depth and imagination. In fact this could well be Susan Mcnally’s ‘Hobbit’ that I can see leading on to much larger works. Five stars for this book, I do feel the story could have been longer, but that may be because I enjoyed it so much. Also I am not sure about the title, When thinking back to this story I think of Winderling Spires and If I had written it that would have been the title.

You will not want to put this book down and you will not want it to end.

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Another Great 5 Star Review for The Morrow Secrets Trilogy

July 5th, 2014
Winderling Spires5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful and imaginative YA Gothic adventure!
Tallitha Mouldson is a girl that lives in the very strange and secretive Morrow household. She finds
that she is the heir to this menagerie of creatures, rooms, and relatives, and she wants nothing to do with it. This leads her on a search for a more deserving heir in which she finds out about her Great Aunt. Thus the adventure begins. Over, under, and through the most fascinating places Tallitha and her comrades experience intense, gripping and highly nerve racking situations. Put these together with some imaginatively evil creatures and you have a great YA fantasy adventure that you can’t put down.

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A Gothic Fantasy of Spooky Delights!

September 3rd, 2013
Get your hands on a Copy of The Morrow Secrets –
Photo: Get your hands on a Copy of The Morrow Secrets -

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The Morrow Secrets – With New Spooky Gothic Illustrations

August 29th, 2013

The Morrow Secrets out on Amazon

Order your copy at
Photo: Order your copy at

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The Morrow Secrets Trilogy: Book One – Out in Paperback

August 22nd, 2013

The Morrow Secrets

First Book in the Gothic TrilogyThe Morrow Secrets

4.9 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (12 customer reviews)

The Morrow Secrets is out in paperback on 3rd October 2013 on Amazon with 20 fabulous illustrations.

To pre-order your copy click below:

The Morrow Secrets

ISBN-13: 978-1782260356

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The Morrow Secrets Trilogy has a Three- Book Deal!

February 13th, 2013

It’s such fantastic news! I have a three-book deal for The Morrow Secrets Trilogy! It’s been quite a journey and I have learned so much about the highs and lows of self publishing and have met (virtually) other authors who have shared their experiences and helped me along the way.

So from putting ‘pen to paper’ it’s been almost 2 years! At times I thought that writing the first book was the easy part after the endless social networking and promotion ( which didn’t come easily)

Watch this space!

The spooky house of Winderling Spires

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Ghostly Paranormal Experiences in Strange Secret Houses…

November 17th, 2012

So why did I begin writing stories about gothic houses and strange unexplained occurrences? Because odd things happened to me. Perhaps as children we are in touch with inexplicable outside forces before we cross the threshold into adulthood… sensations and experiences that adults can no longer access.

Thinking about some of the great children’s fiction, Peter Pan by JM Barrie, the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis and The Weirdstone of Brisingamen by Alan Garner, children in these wonderful stories accessed worlds where the grown-ups could not enter. Adults no longer believed in the possibility of magic or worlds beyond their own experience…. these worlds have always fascinated me, hence the creation of The Morrow Secrets.

Some of my early history is a little strange….

The Old Dark House of Secrets at Winderling Spires

My mother had an aunt, who we called Auntie Annie and she would suddenly go into a trance without any warning. She was my grandmother’s closest friend and my mother called her my fairy godmother. The reason for this was that it took my mother many years to get pregnant with me, her only child and the strange woman had something to do with this, according to my mother. One day Annie was sitting in my grandmother’s house, her head fell backwards and she began to speak with someone else’s voice. She told my mother after 12 years of marriage that she could hear the feet of a small child running beside her… the next month my mother discovered she was pregnant with me.

My mother said that Annie used to frighten her when she went into trances, mostly because of her strange sounding voice and the fact she seemed to become someone else during the time she was in a trance. These stories influenced my creation of the character, Tallitha who is able to enter a trance-like state. Both Annie and Tallitha have clairvoyant powers…. the trance-like journey is explored in The Morrow Secrets.


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You Tube Video & Radio Broadcast about Writing “The Morrow Secrets”

August 23rd, 2012


You Tube Video & Radio Broadcast about Writing “The Morrow Secrets”

The Old Dark House of Secrets at Winderling Spires


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Recommendation for The Morrow Secrets on Amazon in the Fantasy Genre Section…

August 22nd, 2012

I woke up this morning, turned on my emails and did a double-take…. My book title was staring me back in the face… It was there in my In Box as an Amazon recommendation for my book in the fantasy and science fiction genres.

Is this a good thing? Well I guess it isn’t bad… but those of you out there who this has happened to, can you please answer these questions for me:

Does this happen to all books on a rotation so to speak? So does every new author get a recommendation?

The Old Dark House of Secrets at Winderling Spires

If it isn’t all books, then how does Amazon decide which books to choose?

Does this mean it goes to lots of other people who have bought books in these genres?

How often does it happen ( per book)?

Does it result in more visibility?

Does it translate into people actually reading/ buying your book?

Sorry I’m asking all these questions but I just don’t know….

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Top Ten Self Publishing Tips for Indie Authors

August 19th, 2012

If I had known what I know now about the work involved in self publishing, would I do it? The answer has to be yes but it is so much work,  and you have to be dogged.

So I thought I would give you my top 10 tips about self-publishing.

The Old Dark House of Secrets at Winderling Spires

*The top one has to be get your book edited, professionally. I know that costs money but you don’t want grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. After reading the book through 3 or 4 times you will be unable to see the errors no matter how good your writing is.

* Get a professional illustrator to do your book cover. This is the first thing that your potential reader will see and you don’t want to put them off with an unprofessional approach.

* You have to be very patient and persistent.

*Join all the usual writing and reading sites on Face Book / Linked In and see if they work for you. Join a GoodRead to connect with other readers and writers

* The successful Indie writers say that you have to write the next book to increase your presence ( I’m doing it, honestly!)

* You have to have a good website that is updated regularly with interesting content and can attract readers

* Build a blog presence. This will take time and a lot of effort. Build a posting plan of things you want to blog about.

* Be generous with other writers, share experiences, do guest blogs and hang out generally.

* Get on twitter, there are lots of us out there

* Keep up with all the social networking. Join Face Book and Linked In

* Received wisdom from the successful Indie writers out there say that doing things in person do not scale up. This is a global market so extent your reach through the internet. You can always do book signings when you are in print…

There are many more, these just happen to be the ones in my head today!



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