Recommendation for The Morrow Secrets on Amazon in the Fantasy Genre Section…

August 22nd, 2012
by Susan

I woke up this morning, turned on my emails and did a double-take…. My book title was staring me back in the face… It was there in my In Box as an Amazon recommendation for my book in the fantasy and science fiction genres.

Is this a good thing? Well I guess it isn’t bad… but those of you out there who this has happened to, can you please answer these questions for me:

Does this happen to all books on a rotation so to speak? So does every new author get a recommendation?

The Old Dark House of Secrets at Winderling Spires

If it isn’t all books, then how does Amazon decide which books to choose?

Does this mean it goes to lots of other people who have bought books in these genres?

How often does it happen ( per book)?

Does it result in more visibility?

Does it translate into people actually reading/ buying your book?

Sorry I’m asking all these questions but I just don’t know….

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