Writing Tips!

July 23rd, 2012
by Susan

Sitting here on a sunny day trying to work out how to manage my time to write the second book in “The Morrow Secrets” series and do all the marketing stuff  which is endless!

I guess if I had a regular publisher they would do it for me. Or would they? Anyway I’m not going down that road. So to be a writer I must carve out time to write Book 2. So far have written about 10,000 words and have some good plot lines throbbing away.

I always carry a notebook with me. Today as I was waiting for someone a great idea came to me about Book 2. Keeping the continuity going is a jig-saw of ideas. I have to remember that I “see” everything as the author but other characters don’t and be able to use that device properly. For Book 2 that just occurred to me!

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