Gothic Dreams…

September 8th, 2012
by Susan

Oh I wish I’d had some Gothic dreams, please let me drift off to the land of nod… Last night I couldn’t sleep, plot lines from Book Two going round in my head, characters developing a life of their own, demanding to be in the story… not yet I cried!  Then more eternal questions…How to resolve the conundrums of book one ?

This week I had many good writing days. The words flowed and I became immersed in developing at least three great sub-plots in Book Two but the corollary to that is that I have to write at 1am! Not good for the body clock.. So it goes something like this..I go to bed, try to sleep, toss and turn and these pesky characters flood into my brain… ‘why not have me doing this?’ and ‘what about me?’ ‘ what about letting me back into the story, please, I could creep around Winderling Spires and do this…’! So much so that I have to get up and start writing, bleary eyed and unable to sleep until the wee hours.. Until I can decant my head of all the competing  ideas ( like wasps trapped in a jar buzzing round my brain) and put the errant characters back to bed. They are becoming like small naughty children, refusing to go to sleep until they get what they want!

The Morrow Sisters, Edwina & Sybilla in the Crewel Tower

The Weird Morrow Sisters, Edwina & Sybilla

Those weird Morrow sisters – Sybilla, Edwina, and Agatha have been particularly tiresome in the early hours.

How will they shape the story? Are they a bit witchy? What are their powers?

It’a my own fault. When I started writing, I sought the the wise words of the established writers, their tips about how to develop characters. Their advice was to imagine your characters in any situation, get to know them inside out, even the wicked ones… So of course I did just that and can’t get the blighters out of my head!

Now I’m beginning to understand how writers become obsessed, drive themselves mad… so I either harness the beast or go for a long walk on this beautiful nearly-autumnal day… and put those irritating sisters out of my head… for now. This must be the creative writing process – it has me in its thrall.


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