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Top Ten Self Publishing Tips for Indie Authors

August 19th, 2012

If I had known what I know now about the work involved in self publishing, would I do it? The answer has to be yes but it is so much work,  and you have to be dogged.

So I thought I would give you my top 10 tips about self-publishing.

The Old Dark House of Secrets at Winderling Spires

*The top one has to be get your book edited, professionally. I know that costs money but you don’t want grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. After reading the book through 3 or 4 times you will be unable to see the errors no matter how good your writing is.

* Get a professional illustrator to do your book cover. This is the first thing that your potential reader will see and you don’t want to put them off with an unprofessional approach.

* You have to be very patient and persistent.

*Join all the usual writing and reading sites on Face Book / Linked In and see if they work for you. Join a GoodRead to connect with other readers and writers

* The successful Indie writers say that you have to write the next book to increase your presence ( I’m doing it, honestly!)

* You have to have a good website that is updated regularly with interesting content and can attract readers

* Build a blog presence. This will take time and a lot of effort. Build a posting plan of things you want to blog about.

* Be generous with other writers, share experiences, do guest blogs and hang out generally.

* Get on twitter, there are lots of us out there

* Keep up with all the social networking. Join Face Book and Linked In

* Received wisdom from the successful Indie writers out there say that doing things in person do not scale up. This is a global market so extent your reach through the internet. You can always do book signings when you are in print…

There are many more, these just happen to be the ones in my head today!



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How To Write A Children’s Novel

August 7th, 2012

Listen to my radio interview with Viv Oyolu on the Dream Corner Radio Show about

the creative process of writing the fantasy children’s story, The Morrow Secrets.

The rambling house of Winderling Spires

The interview includes ideas and tips on how to write children’s fiction, the new e-book phenomenon,

the ups and downs of self-publishing and how to develop your approach to characterisation.

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Radio Interview with Susan McNally Author of The Morrow Secrets

August 5th, 2012

This is the link to the radio interview where I talk about the writing process, the ups and downs

of self-publishing and how to sustain creativity.

Winderling Spires

 If you know someone who is interested in writing fiction please share the link with them.

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How to Write Fiction: Radio Interview with Susan McNally author of The Morrow Secrets

August 5th, 2012
Winderling Spires
Listen to this radio interview about how I began writing fiction, my top tips on sustaining
the creative writing process and the ups and downs of self-publishing.
Tell me what you think!
Please share with anyone you know who is interested in becoming a writer.

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How to Self Publish

August 4th, 2012

The first thing is you have to get over the embarrassment of publicising your work. You have to network; talk about it and enthuse people

Use Facebook; twitter; and all social media. This is something I am still learning about.

Winderling Spires

The great thing is that you’re in charge of everything. No one can make you change anything in your book, a character’s name or a plot line.

But the kindle is still in it’s infancy … it will grow bigger and bigger. Many people don’t own a kindle so they need to download one of the many kindle apps

You will need help. Invest in marketing, a decent website with a blog. You may also need help loading the book on the amazon self-publishing site. It isn’t straightforward as the book needs formatting in the kindle format.


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Ten Rules for Writing Fiction!

August 1st, 2012

I had a gap between finishing The Morrow Secrets and starting the second book in my trilogy… about a week! Then I got caught up in my website, how to do a blog, self -publishing and all the other things you have to do by yourself to be an indie-writer! I didn’t know there was so much stuff to do apart from write my books. Now of course I know differently and try to divide my time between actually writing book two in the series and publicising book one… and that’s hard.

So now book two is underway, which tips would I like to remind myself of? Here are some of my favourite ones.

* Sometimes you have to kill off your favourite children… that means at times you may have to write a character out of the story because he/she doesn’t work anymore.

* Don’t give up writing, even when you’ve had a bad day just keep going and it will come right… write more, not less!

* Read books all the time in your genre and outside of it. Observe what writers do – how they write dialogue; build tension and create great characters that leap off the page

* Good dialogue flows from knowing your characters inside out, how they will react in any situation. You don’t really know them until they begin to inhabit your head space !

* Continuity is key. You don’t have to remember every one of your character’s idiosyncracies … keep note cards on each character, different themes, any activity that is repeated ( for me it was Tallitha’s trances) and key events that you refer to in the plot.

* This is a good one. Take no notice of the criticism people you don’t respect. But take notice of the criticism from people you do respect. Have a thick skin, you’ll need it.

* Defend your work. You know best how it was meant to be. It’s your story, your characters, just love them! That’s why self publishing is so good – no one can tell you to change a character’s name.

* Most importantly – write the book you want to read. If you don’t love the story, no one else will.

* Writing is never a quick win. It takes a lot of time and patience. If patience doesn’t come easily …try and acquire some.

* Characters will grow and evolve as you write the book.. be prepared to change them!

Most of all, enjoy yourself! When the writing really flows being an author is the best ever.. it transports you to a magical world all of your own creation. Treasure it…


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How To Write Fiction: Gothic Fantasy and The Creative Writing Process

July 28th, 2012
Winderling Spires

I wish there was an easy answer but I guess my top 5  tips would be:

1. Write the book you want to read; if you’re not gripped no one else will be.
2. Your first draft is only that… now edit and get someone else to edit the book too.
3. Know your characters inside out and what will they do in any situation.
4. Good dialogue comes from knowing your characters really well, then the words will flow.
5. Always stop when you are brimming with new ideas then it will be easy to start the next day.
If you get blocked do something else, leave the writing alone and do some research. But don’t
stop completely – stay with the project.

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Writing Tips!

July 23rd, 2012

Sitting here on a sunny day trying to work out how to manage my time to write the second book in “The Morrow Secrets” series and do all the marketing stuff  which is endless!

I guess if I had a regular publisher they would do it for me. Or would they? Anyway I’m not going down that road. So to be a writer I must carve out time to write Book 2. So far have written about 10,000 words and have some good plot lines throbbing away.

I always carry a notebook with me. Today as I was waiting for someone a great idea came to me about Book 2. Keeping the continuity going is a jig-saw of ideas. I have to remember that I “see” everything as the author but other characters don’t and be able to use that device properly. For Book 2 that just occurred to me!

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Self Publishing Tips

June 18th, 2012

After many hours, glitches, taking the book down and starting again, my book is loaded on Amazon!

To other budding authors – Do not under estimate the work involved to get to this place – the rewrites,

Ruker, the Skink in Hanging Tree Islands

the editing, getting the format ready to upload onto the Amazon site.

But at last I can see The Morrow Secrets on my kindle…. all my words, my story, the characters and Luke’s great illustrations…. and that’s what I aimed for, now I just want people to enjoy reading it and to blog me!!

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Self Publishing Tips

June 13th, 2012

Self publishing is so much work… and don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t! Almost as much as writing the book!

Tallitha & Benedict in the Mausoleum

I have learned a lot! I thought I was ready to publish The Morrow Secrets about two weeks ago but there were so many things to sort out.. indentation, getting the illustrations aligned, sorting chapters, getting the text to look right on the kindle….But I’m nearly there and hope to press the button next week! Then what will happen? Who knows but it’s been the best fun writing this story and at least my book will be out there. Traditional publishing takes too long and the editors want you to make changes to suit their market… which I wasn’t prepared to do….at least this is the story I wanted to write and hopefully people will want to read!


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