THE SHADOW OF THE SWARM – The Morrow Secrets Book Two – Released March 27th

The hard work and toil has gone into the eagerly-anticipated second book of Susan McNally’s The Morrow Secrets Trilogy for months on end. The wait is finally over. I sit with my advance copy of The Shadow of the Swarm on my desk, and the first thing you notice is the strikingly colourful cover illustration. But it’s not the sort of colour that suggests flowers, cutsie stories and everything nice – it’s the hypnotic colour that makes you’re eyes widen and your heart race, and makes you think of fire, loud, crashing waves around jagged cliff faces, and dangerous tales of adventure.Caedryl, Lapis & Muprid

The image of the magnificently dark castle, Hellstone Tors, dominates the cover. Perched precariously on the edge of the most jagged rock face I have ever seen, in waters far too green to be inviting. Aptly, the building casts a looming shadow across the landscape, and judging by the deathly orange glow of the sky, is caused by the biggest, most fiery inferno of a Sun known to man (or girl). It suggests something very dangerous indeed is just over the horizon. Looming.

That would be true of The Shadow of the Swarm.

Picking up from where Book One left off, in the Grand Hall of Hellstone Tors, with the vulnerable Tallitha, teenage heiress to the Morrow family, trapped in the evil clutches of The Morrow Swarm. Led there by nothing but her own sense of intrigue, and her passion for adventure, she finds herself enveloped in a whole world of mystery, lies and deceit – with supposedly no turning back.The Cat, Slynose in Pursuit

Having travelled all this way, and having come up against Murk-Mowl, Black Hounds and Groats in the Out-of-the-Way Mountains and Startling Caves, she survived relatively unscathed, and has walked straight in to the biggest danger of all, her own family.

The Shadow of the Swarm will follow Tallitha’s struggle onward as she tries to untangle herself from the web of evil the Morrow Swarm have spun for her. Will she every make it out alive, will she ever see home again? But if this is the truth of her family, can she truly call anywhere home?

The Shadow of the Swarm is released Thursday March 27th and can be pre-ordered on Amazon at the following link

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