Book Two – The Shadow of the Swarm! Fantasy Trilogy!

February 3rd, 2014
by Susan

The Shadow of the Swarm is the second instalment of Susan McNally’s spooky young adult fantasy series, and is the hotly-anticipated sequel to the Bangzo Book of the Year 2013, The Morrow Secrets. Due for release on Thursday 27th March 2014, make sure you don’t miss out on reading this ‘fairy tale of epic proportions’!

The Shadow of the Swarm

The Shadow of the Swarm

The story of Shadow of the Swarm catches up with Tallitha and Tyaas, two determined children of the powerful Morrow family, as they deal with their recent discovery and the severe implications it will have for everyone they hold dear.

The extent of the mysterious family secret was greater than either of them had ever imagined, and the wheels are set in motion to submit them both to what they have been desperately trying to avoid…

The Shadow of the Swarm takes the reader from the monumental cliff-hanger at the end of The Morrow Secrets to their search for the truth. But it seems they will have to endure even more of the dark goings-on that have threatened to surface since the very first page of the trilogy began.

Book One, The Morrow Secrets, which won Bangzo’s coveted Book of the Year Award in 2013 followed the brother-sister duo as they fled their spooky castle home Winderling Spires, in search of their long-lost cousin, and the answers to the web of lies they are convinced their evil family had spun.

Described as a “fantasy roller-coaster delight” and “an epic adventure across dangerous lands”, they met a host of evil creatures, strange monsters and spooky animals on their journey across the mysterious land of Breedoor.

The Morrow Secrets has received outstanding praise from avid readers, both from the Young Adult market and older. With plenty of 4 and 5 Star Reviews on Amazon, book blogs and fan sites like, McNally’s gripping tale will draw you in, as you enjoy the twists and turns Tallitha and Tyaas experience.

Sink your teeth into this amazing fantasy adventure and pick up a copy of Book One, The Morrow Secrets at Amazon

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