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Winderling Spires       115 x  5* &  4* Reviews for The Morrow Secrets trilogy 

 5*  The Morrow Secrets is this first book in The Morrow Secrets trilogy which is a young adult gothic fantasy. It is a easy and pretty quick read with just 243 pages. I read this last night and I have to say I loved it from start to finish. I couldn’t put it down and when i was done reading this book I wanted to get my hands on the next book in this trilogy. It is very well written and it is a good book to read if you or your teen/pre-teen love creepy and high fantasy novels

Susan McNally’s book [i]The Morrow Secrets[/i] is a Gormenghast-inspired gothic/fantasy blend. It’s a very absorbing read, and once I’d got a few pages in, I didn’t put it down again until I’d finished it. I enjoyed the way in which the main characters were written, and was glad that – for once! – the main female character (Tallitha) wasn’t defined by her romantic interests. The story is full of strange and unsettling creatures, and sets the scene for a wider adventure. I really enjoyed this read, it reminded me of several books I enjoyed when I was younger ‘Knock Three times’ by Marion St John Webb in particular comes to mind here.

5* ‘I say this with no hesitation, Susan McNally’s Writing could rival JK Rowling’s’  I HAVE BEEN reading this book for about a week now and I have been surprised by the depth of the story. This book initially is for young adults, or teenagers, but this would also suit many adults. Being a complete novice to the genre of this book, it was surprising how easy I took to it. The book is very descriptive, mysterious, unique, and I say this with no hesitation, Susan McNally’s writing style could easily rival JK Rowling.   5* I loved this book from start to finish! Packed with adventure, mystery and magic this is the stuff of dark mythical kingdoms and well imagined fantasy worlds where witches, ghosts and strange creatures abound. It is a great read for all ages especially for those who love dark fairy tales. Tallitha is a great heroine with a strong determination to survive and unravel the secrets that inhabit her weird family. The plot is gripping and leads the reader on a journey full of scary twists and spooky turns into the occult and supernatural. Now I want book 3! A must for fantasy and YA lovers. 5* I would highly recommend this book, it will keep you in suspense all the way through. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series   5* A wonderful gothic novel, 4 Sep 2014  – Polished and packed with imagination, The Morrow Secrets is a whimsical waltz through an unsettlingly dark world. The reader is plunged straight into the twisted world of the Morrow family and its relatable protagonist Tallitha. There is a hint of the sinister in most of the novel’s quirky characters, creating wonderful colour in the dark and gloomy world of Winderling Spires and beyond. Having read many number of gothic novels in my time, one of the more major complaints usually comes from the slow pace of the story – The Morrow Secrets has no such problem. McNally sculpts her craft well, pushing the pace of the gothic novel to a level that the YA audience will enjoy. Reading it evoked memories of my childhood – macabre stories by Roald Dahl, or perhaps the movies of Tim Burton. There honestly aren’t enough books like this; gothic is a notoriously mature genre, and Morrow Secrets is a perfect stepping stone for young readers interested in darker topics. Its accessibility and charm will leave a lasting impression on the reader, particularly when accompanied by the wonderful illustrations amongst the books pages. I look forward to reading the next installment of Morrow Secrets, and any other works by the author. ..”Finished reading THE MORROW SECRETS by ‪@SMcNallyauthor. Loved it! Imaginative, exciting and suspenseful gothic tale. 5.0 out of 5 stars!” 5* ‘I loved this book sooo much! If you want a good middle grade book you should pick this up. I am a little older and I still loved it. I would really recommend it!’ (September 2014) 5* Wonderful and imaginative YA Gothic adventure Tallitha Mouldson is a girl that lives in the very strange and secretive Morrow household. She finds that she is the heir to this menagerie of creatures, rooms, and relatives, and she wants nothing to do with it. This leads her on a search for a more deserving heir in which she finds out about her Great Aunt. Thus the adventure begins. Over, under, and through the most fascinating places Tallitha and her comrades experience intense, gripping and highly nerve racking situations. Put these together with some imaginatively evil creatures and you have a great YA fantasy adventure that you can’t put down. 5* Can’t Wait For The Next Sequel!!!!!!!!!!I could not stop reading it when I started, it should be made into a film, it would be great! 5* Great Story! ‘I loved reading this story, loved Winderling Spires and its cast of dark characters…the plot is good, the characters are great. The world that Susan McNally has created is comparable to Tolkein’s Middle Earth in its depth and imagination. ..You will not want to put this book down and you will not want it to end’… Thoroughly enjoyable, ‘Drew me in from the beginning. Was unable to put it down as I wanted to see what was going to happen next.’ 5* Compelling Reading What a fantastic book, gripping story telling which leads the reader into a strange and Gothic world, I have bought copies for all my nieces and nephews, they will love it. A compelling new author, great things await her. 5* Goodreads ‘I won this from a Goodreads giveaway and I absolutely loved it. It’s exactly the kind of book I’m interested in!’ 5* A wonderful Gothic delight for all readers!
Embellsed5* Not your typical Gothic fantasy!
Susan McNally’s, The Morrow Secrets completely breaks the mold in this deliciously wicked gothic horror children’s book.  Full of action, adventure, horror and surprises, the illustrations between the chapters of this book served well to enhance my reading experience. I love that Susan McNally has avoided the typical ‘sweet and likeable’ persona for Tallitha, opting instead to bring to life this bizarrely real, strong and compelling female character. This book is entirely suitable for age twelve and up, and as an adult I must say that this one will remain with me for a long time. Wonderful and Imaginative YA Gothic Adventure Ruker‘Tallitha Mouldson is a girl that lives in the very strange and secretive Morrow household. She finds that she is the heir to this menagerie of creatures, rooms, and relatives, and she wants nothing to do with it. This leads her on a search for a more deserving heir in which she finds out about her Great Aunt. Thus the adventure begins. Over, under, and through the most fascinating places Tallitha and her comrades experience intense, gripping and highly nerve racking situations. Put these together with some imaginatively evil creatures and you have a great YA fantasy adventure that you can’t put down.’

The Black Hound

The Black Hound

“The Morrow Secrets” is available on Amazon in print and e-books, just click here: The Morrow Secrets  Buy from Amazon Click on the amazon icon to purchase The Shadow of the Swarm, Book 2 Book of the Year!! Gothic Fun…I could not put the book down, I highly recommend people reading this!!!!… Spectacular Fantasy – I could not put this book down. It is Gorgmenghast meets Harry Potter, with a female heroine! McNally conjurs a beguiling world of marvellous characters and interesting lands. I bought the Kindle version and read it on my morning train ride, then walking down the street and I would find excuses to leave my desk to keep reading. I am excited to read what happens to Talitha next. …A rip-roaring page-turner. Destined to be a modern classic from a brilliant new author. Can’t wait for the next instalment!… Cave …Susan McNally led me into a world of mystery and intrigue . The Characters came to life both in Susan’s description and the wonderful illustration’s. I couldn’t put the book down . Each Chapter led me into a unique adventure , and my only complaint was that it finished ! hurry up with the next book , I feel like someone has pressed the paused button on this adventure, which I want to fast forward at double speed !!.. Delightful Epic Fantasy/Alternate World for YA and Older – Author Susan McNally has an incredible imagination and has populated this alternate world with wonderful characters, not just the human ones, but all of the other species and creatures involved. Aimed at YA readers, older adult readers will enjoy it just as much, and I predict and recommend a wide audience…
Caedryl & Sisters…What a great story! The plot leading you on a dark and dangerous adventure full of intrigue, betrayal and magic… A ROLLICKING READ FULL OF WIT AND WONDER!!!, A most magical and wonderful fantasy- while geared towards the YA crowd-The Morrow Secrets makes for a splendid read for all ages! I was entranced from the very first page- the imaginary prowess of Susan McNally is to be greatly admired! …My daughter is not happy…. She’s finished The Morrow Secrets and it ended on a cliff hanger… She’s just ordered me to get her book no.2 so she can start it after school tomorrow lol…. Thank u. She loved it… …I liked the story a lot that I said to Mummy I would only read chapter 1 but then I found it so interesting I read loads more! I really loved this book because of the characters and I especially love the beginning because it came straight on with the dramatic part… …The attention to detail is amazing, as well-imagined and developed as anything in the Harry Potter series…

…Highly recommended for many reasons- wonderful writings style, unique characters and most certainly the first in what promises to be a most remarkable new Fantasy series!! Bravo Susan McNally!!…

 5 Stars: Great story

Marlin on the dark stairs

A Dark Treat! – You know you’re onto a good book when you start reading …and find it’s been 4 hours since you did anything except read and you have work in the morning. This book is a hugely important addition to that genre and I honestly can’t wait to see what comes next in what looks set to be an epic series.                                    A Thrilling & Gripping Read!    Brilliant – I liked this a lot! It’s set in a strange land – a bit gothic – with lots of weird creatures for the main characters to meet and overcome. Susan McNally’s a really good writer and the story’s full of fantasy, including a twist at the end which I did not see coming. The pictures are good too – they matched up with how I was imagining the characters. A really exciting read!Shrove Hole A Fantastic Gothic Story! I loved this story from the very beginning to the cliff hanging end. Great characters, a rambling spooky house and a plot with many twists and turns in a make believe world. Wonderful to have a strong heroine who fearlessly embarks on a gripping adventure, braving the unknown lands of Breedoor to unearth the dark family secrets. On the way she encounters many terrifying challenges and strange creatures. A great gothic tale that will appeal to older children and adults who enjoy fantasy and make believe. Officially stolen from my brother! A cracking read. When I found my little brother reading this and had a look I had to get my own copy. Really well written and readable for the kids whilst still keeping me hanging on every word. Highly recommended!

A fantastic fable ...The novel scares, excites and challenges the reader and there are as many twists and turns in the novel as there are in the dark house, Winderling Spires. I can’t wait for the next episode.The castle at Hellstone Tors

 compelling and gripping Beautifully written with great attention to all the details which enable the reader to easily and completely imagine the house, its inhabitants and the world of the adventure that ensues. I found it compelling and gripping – and I’m an adult. Great fantasy adventure, wonderfully imaginative and a great plot. Like the Potter books this is an excellent read for children but also for adults. I can’t wait for the next one in the trilogy.   GroatA thrilling read – A thrilling and original read, easily as good or better than other children’s novels of its genre. Would highly recommend for children (particularly girls) aged 9 to 13. Perfect those craving a magical read in place of Harry Potter. Can’t wait for the next read. ….Quirky, memorable characters are the driving force in this exploration of an uncanny, gothic world. All told with a dynamic and enticing writing style, while complemented by the artwork. I’m looking forward to reading the sequel….

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